The Superior School board would like to thank school staff, students and community members for their valuable input and contribution to our successful superintendent search.  We had great candidates apply and we attribute this to all that our community and school has to offer.  Many people volunteered their time to provide support in various and numerous ways and we are grateful for the knowledge, talent and skills that everyone brought to this process.


MISSION STATEMENT: Superior Public Schools will provide educational opportunities for all students to acquire the skills necessary to attain high academic levels while becoming capable people, productive citizens, and lifelong learners.

SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT GOAL: All students, Pre-K through the 12th Grade, will improve their reading comprehension across the curriculum.

Superior Jr/Sr High

601 W. 8th St.

Superior, NE 68978

Phone: 402-879-3257

Fax: 855-529-4534

For school closings you may tune to the following TV stations: KHAS Channel 5, KOLN/KGIN Channels 10/11, and NTV Channel 13 or listen the following radio station: KRFS 103.9.

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