Community Service Club


The Community Service Club invites students (maximum fifteen sophomores, fifteen juniors, fifteen seniors) to become members, according to the following criteria:

Preference #1. The student's parent is a Kiwanis Club member.

Preference #2. The student ranks academically among the top fifteen in his/her class.

Preference #3. The student has a 90% cumulative grade point average.

Kiwanis Friday luncheon Meetings are attended by two students who report about school activities. Members also assist the Kiwanis Club in yearly fund raising activities. Money from the Gatorade machine is used to fund a scholarship given each year to a graduating senior. Students participate in community service projects throughout the school year.

Current Senior Memebers:

Daniel Allgood, Lyndsay Brown, Frank Garcia, Jacob Hawley, Emily Hayes, Chase Jensby, Morgan Kroeger, Alex Meyer, Chelsea Renz, Kendra Schiermeyer, Brian Siomonsen, Mattison Sullivan, Makayla Utecht, Holly Wilt, Taylor Wittke


Current Junior Members:

Makayla Carter, Claire Dressman, Morgan Frahm, Brooke Freeman, Sarah Genung, Morgan Hass, Jaysa Hoins, Damion Holt, Caleb Isom, Paige Jensen, Kaycie Strobl, Courtney Warren, Chandler Zoltenko


Current Sophomore Members:

Riley Butler, Kaedyn Cook, Samantha Gray, Emily Hass, Taylor Jensby, Jenna Langer, Stevie May, Leah Meyer, Angela Miller, Trent Morris, Catera Nondorf, Mariah Parker, Harley Schuster, Dakota Smith, Duncan Tucker